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Nylon, a synthetic fiber, can be dyed either like wool or like other synthetics. It is even possible to tie-dye nylon.

May 31, 2016 · Choose the right carpet dye for your carpet. Only dye your carpet if you are sure it is wool or nylon. Read the dye packaging carefully to make sure it is

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A dye is a colored substance that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied. The dye is generally applied in an aqueous solution, and may require

Describes the use of disperse dye on polyester, both for immersion dyeing and hand-made iron-on prints..

Fix small bleach stains with Carpet Dye Pens. Easy to use; just heat and apply. No Mixing. No Mess. Each pen can cover about 100 (quarter size) spots.

An acid dye is a dye which is a salt of a sulfuric, carboxylic or phenolic organic acid. The salts are often sodium or ammonium salts. Acid dyes are typically soluble

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How to Dye Nylon. Unlike most synthetic fibers, nylon is actually quite easy to dye. Traditional chemical dyes may be used, but for a cheaper and gentler option

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Choose from eight vibrant colors for use with polyester and nylon fabrics. iDye Poly and iDye can be mixed for polyester/nylon blends with natural fibers.

Shop for vibrant high tie dye t shirts, clothing, bedding, pants, dresses, socks, underwear, hoodies, hats, bags, tapestries, and Grateful Dead clothes.

Dharma Trading Co. is happy to announce our own line of Acid Dyes for Silk, Wool and Nylon!

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