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Rihanna turns 29 today and shares a quick peek at her new makeup line while , Kehlani and Drake pay tribute to the singer.

Apr 02, 2017 · Porn-lovers around the world were momentarily left distraught yesterday after a brilliant April Fools’ Day prank from . The site terrified fans by

Just the other day, celebrated a very important milestone: its 10th birthday! Happy 10th birthday, , you dirty bastards.Wow, a whole decade of

I have an amazing idea for a webseries (of course erotic) to attract a new and wider audience to . If people can binge watch series online, why not a erotic

As the internet’s preeminent archive of loud, naked people so often does, reminded the world this week that, yes, they’re logging all the weird shit we

Wins & Losses 3rd Studio Album By Meek Mill

 Album 49 Porn Hub is a collection of the Best Porn Videos from , ,,, .com

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You will laugh, you will cry. Just this morning, Records released ‘Snap That,’ the first song ever written about Snapchat. Another DMN exclusive!

Today, everyone’s favorite porn site, , announced that on July 12, they will be joining a protest called “Day of Action,” organized by Fight for the

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